Term Conditions Page

1.1 Welcome to the tiktok platform (the "Site").                  Before using the Site or opening a tiktok account ("Account"), please                  read the following Terms of Service carefully so that you are aware of your legal rights and                  obligations with respect to tiktok. The "Services" we offer or                  provide include (a) the Site, (b) the Site and the services offered through the tiktok client software available                  through the Site, and (c) all information, linked pages, features, data, text, images, photographs,                  graphics, music, sound, video (including live streaming), messages, tags, content, programming,                  software, application services, and other services provided by tiktok. content, programming, software,                  application services (including, without limitation, any mobile application services) or other                  materials made available through the Site or its associated services ("Content"). Any new features                  added to or enhancements to the Services are also subject to these Terms of Service. These Terms of                  Service govern your use of the Services provided by tiktok.                  


1.2 The Services include online                  platform services for Buyer ("Buyer") and Seller ("Seller") (collectively, "You", "User" or                  "Parties"). " or "Parties") to provide a venue and opportunity for the sale of goods between Buyer                  ("Buyer") and Seller ("Seller") (collectively, "You", "User" or "Parties"). The actual contract of                  sale is directly between Buyer and Seller, and tiktok is not a party to such                  contract or any other contract between Buyer and Seller and does not accept any obligation in                  connection with any such contract. The parties to such transactions will be solely responsible for the                  sales contracts, merchandise listings, purchase warranties, etc., between them. tiktok is not involved in                  transactions between users. tiktok may or may not pre-screen                  users or content or information provided by users. tiktok reserves the right to                  remove any content or information you post on the site in accordance with section 6.4                  herein.                  


1.3 Before becoming a user of the                  Site, you must read and accept all of the terms and conditions in and related to these Terms of                  Service, and you must agree to the processing of your personal data as described in the Privacy Policy                  linked here.                   


1.4 tiktok reserves the right to                  change, modify, suspend or discontinue all or any part of the Site or the Services at any time or upon                  notice as required by local law, and tiktok may release certain                  Services or features thereof in beta, which may not function properly or in the same manner as the                  final version, in which case we assume no responsibility. tiktok may also, in its sole                  discretion, limit certain features or restrict your access to parts or the entire Site or Services                  without notice or liability.                   


1.5 tiktok reserves the right to                  refuse to provide you with access to the Site or Services or to allow you to open an account for any                  reason.                  

By using the tiktok Services or opening an                  account, you irrevocably accept and agree to the terms of this Agreement, including the additional                  terms and conditions and policies referenced and/or linked to herein.                   


If you do not agree to these                  terms, please do not use our services or access the site. If you are under the age of 18 or the legal                  age of consent to this Agreement under the applicable laws of your country ("Legal Age"), you must                  obtain permission from a parent or legal guardian to open an account and such parent or legal guardian                  must agree to the terms of this Agreement. If you do not know whether you are of legal age or do not                  understand this section, do not create an account until you have asked your parent or legal guardian                  for assistance. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor creating an account, you must                  accept the terms of this Agreement on behalf of the minor and you will be responsible for all use of                  the account or use of the Company's services in connection with the account.                  



2. Privacy                  


2.1 Your privacy is very                  important to Zulily                  shop. To better                  protect your rights, we have provided tiktok' Privacy Policy to explain our                  privacy practices in detail. Please review the Privacy Policy to understand how tiktok collects and uses                  information related to your account and/or your use of the Services ("User Information"). By using the                  Services or providing information on the Site, you.                  


(i) consent to the collection,                  use, disclosure and/or processing of your content, personal data and User Information by tiktok as described in the Privacy                  Policy.                  


(ii) agree and acknowledge that                  ownership of your User Information is shared by you and tiktok; and                  


(iii) not disclose your User                  Information, directly or indirectly, to any third party or otherwise allow any third party to access                  or use your User Information without tiktok' prior written                  consent.                  


2.2 Users who have personal data                  about other Users through their use of the Services ("Recipient") hereby agree that they will (i)                  comply with all personal data protection laws applicable to any such data; (ii) allow Users whose                  personal data has been collected by the Recipient ("Disclosing Party") to ") to remove his or her data                  so collected from the Recipient's database; and (iii) in each case of (ii) and (iii) above, allow the                  Disclosing Party to review what information about them has been collected by the Recipient in                  accordance with and to the extent required by applicable law.                  



3. Limited License                  


3.1 tiktok grants you a limited and                  revocable license to access and use the Services in accordance with the terms and conditions of these                  Terms of Service. All proprietary content, trademarks, service marks, brand names, logos and other                  intellectual property displayed on the Site ("Intellectual Property") are the property of tiktok and, where applicable, the                  third party owners identified on the Site. No right or license to use or reproduce any Intellectual                  Property is granted, directly or indirectly, by any party accessing the Site, and no party accessing                  the Site may claim any right, title or interest therein. By using or accessing the Services, you agree                  to comply with the copyright, trademark, service mark and all other applicable laws protecting the                  Services, the Site and its content. You agree not to copy, distribute, republish, transmit, publicly                  display, publicly perform, modify, adapt, rent, sell, or create derivative works of the Services, the                  Site, or any portion of its content. You also may not mirror or frame any part or all of the Site on                  any other server or as part of any other website without our prior written consent. In addition, you                  agree that you will not use any robot, spider or any other automatic device or manual process to                  monitor or copy our Content (such consent being considered standard search engine technology employed                  by Internet search sites) to direct Internet users to the Site without our prior written consent).                  Mirror or build any part or all of the content of the Site on any other server or as part of any other                  website. In addition, you agree that you will not use any robot, spider or any other automatic device                  or manual process to monitor or copy our content (such consent being considered standard search engine                  techniques employed by Internet search sites) to direct Internet users to this Site without our prior                  written consent). Mirror or build any part or all of the content of the Site on any other server or as                  part of any other website. In addition, you agree that you will not use any robot, spider or any other                  automated device or manual process to monitor or copy our Content (such consent being considered                  standard search engine techniques employed by Internet search sites) to direct Internet users to the                  Site without our prior written consent).                  


3.2 You are welcome to link to                  the Site from your website, provided that your website does not imply any endorsement or association                  with Zulily                  shop. You                  acknowledge that tiktok may, in its sole                  discretion, discontinue providing some or all of the Services at any time without notice.                  



4. Software                  


4.1 Any software that we provide                  to you as part of the Services is subject to these Terms of Service, and tiktok reserves all rights in                  software not expressly granted by tiktok. Any third party scripts or code                  linked or referenced in connection with the Services are licensed to you by the third party that owns                  such scripts or code and not by tiktok.                  



5. Accounts and                  Security                  


5.1 Certain features of our                  Services require registration for an account by selecting a unique user identification ("User ID") and                  password and providing certain personal information. tiktok reserves the right to                  suspend or terminate your account if you select a User ID that tiktok unilaterally determines to                  be objectionable or inappropriate. You may be able to use your account to access other products,                  websites or services to which we have enabled access or with which we have bundled or partnered.                Zulily                  shop has not                  reviewed and is not responsible for any third party content, features, security, services, privacy                  policies or other practices of these products, websites or services. If you do so, the terms of                  service for such products, sites or services, including their respective privacy policies                  


5.2 You agree to (a) keep your                  password confidential and use only your User ID and password when logging in, (b) ensure that you log                  out of your account at the end of each session on the Site, (c) immediately notify tiktok of any unauthorized use of                  your account, User ID and/or password, and (d) ensure that your account information is accurate and                  up-to-date. You are solely responsible for all activities that occur under your User ID and account,                  even if such activity or use is not attributable to you, and tiktok will not be liable for any                  loss or damage resulting from the unauthorized use of your password or your failure to comply with                  this section.                  


5.3 You agree that tiktok may, with or without notice                  to you or any third party, immediately suspend, freeze or terminate your account and your User ID for                  any reason, remove or discard anything associated with your account and User ID from the Site, revoke                  any subsidy provided to you, cancel any transactions associated with your account and User ID,                  temporarily or, in more severe cases, permanently withhold any sales proceeds or refunds, and/or take                  any other action that tiktok deems necessary. The                  grounds for such actions may include, but are not limited to, actual or suspected (a) prolonged                  inactivity, (b) violation of the letter or spirit of these Terms of Service, (c) unlawful, fraudulent,                  harassing, defamatory, threatening or abusive conduct (d) having multiple user accounts, (e)                  purchasing products on the Site for commercial resale purposes, (f) unusual or excessive purchases                  from the same seller or a related group of sellers, (g) ) voucher abuse (including, but not limited                  to, selling vouchers to third parties, selling vouchers or other credits at a higher price than face                  value and/or abnormal or excessive use of vouchers on the Site), or (h) commercial gain against other                  users, third parties or tiktok. Use of accounts for illegal,                  fraudulent, harassing, defamatory, threatening or abusive purposes may be referred to law enforcement                  agencies without notice to you. If a legal dispute or law enforcement action arises for any reason in                  connection with your account or your use of the Services                  


5.4 Users may terminate their                  accounts if they notify tiktok in writing (tiktokshopccb@gmail.com) that they wish to                  do so. Notwithstanding any such termination, the user remains liable for any incomplete transactions                  (whether commenced prior to or after such termination), shipment of products, payment for products,                  etc., and the user must complete all outstanding transactions before he or she can promptly contact                Zulily                  shop and                  validly perform and complete them in accordance with the Terms of Service. tiktok assumes no responsibility                  and shall not be liable for any damages resulting from actions taken under this section. any damages                  resulting from actions taken under this section. user waives any and all claims based on any such                  action taken by tiktok.                  


5.5 If you are located in one of                  our approved countries, as updated by us from time to time, you may only use the Services and/or open                  an account.                   



6. Terms of Use                  


6.1 The license to use the Site                  and the Services will remain in effect until terminated. This license will terminate in accordance                  with the provisions of these Terms of Service or if you fail to comply with any term or condition of                  these Terms of Service. In any such case, tiktok may effect such termination                  with or without notice to you.                  


6.2 You agree not                  to.                   


(a) upload, post, transmit or                  otherwise make available any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing,                  alarming, distressing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy,                  hateful or racially objectionable on a racial or other basis.                  


(b) Violate any law, including,                  without limitation, any laws or regulations relating to import or export restrictions, the rights of                  third parties, or our prohibited and restricted items policy.                   


(c) Upload, post, transmit or                  otherwise make available any content featuring unsupervised minors, or use the Services to harm minors                  in any way.                   


(d) Use the Services or upload                  content to impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person                  or entity.                   


(e) Forge headers or otherwise                  manipulate identifiers to disguise the origin of any content transmitted through the                  Services.                   


(f) Remove any proprietary                  notices from the Site.                   


(g) Cause, permit or authorize                  the modification, creation of derivative works or translation of the Services without the express                  permission of Zulily                  shop                  


(h) Use the Services in any way                  that is not permitted for the benefit of any third party or as permitted by the license granted                  herein.                   


(i) Use the Services or upload                  Content in a fraudulent, unconscionable, false, misleading or deceptive manner.                   


(j) Open and/or operate multiple                  user accounts for any violation of the letter or spirit of these Terms of Service.                  


(k) Accessing the tiktok Platform, opening a User                  Account or otherwise accessing your User Account using an emulator, simulator, robot or other similar                  hardware or software.                   


(l) Manipulate the price of any                  item or interfere with another user's listing.                   


(m) Take any action that may                  disrupt the feedback or rating system.                  


(n) Attempt to decompile, reverse                  engineer, disassemble or crack the Services (or any part thereof) or to defeat or overcome any                  encryption technology or security measures implemented by tiktok for the Services and/or                  data transmitted, processed or stored by tiktok                  


(o) Obtain or collect any                  information about other account holders, including, without limitation, any personal data or                  information.                   


(p) Upload, send by email, post,                  transmit or otherwise make available any content that you are not entitled to provide under any law or                  contractual or fiduciary relationship (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential                  information learned or disclosed as part of) employment relationships or confidentiality                  agreements).                   


(q) Upload, email, post, transmit                  or otherwise make available any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright                  or other proprietary right of any party.                   


(r) upload, email, post, transmit                  or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk                  mail," "spam," "chain letters ", "pyramid scheme" or any other unauthorized form of                  solicitation.                   


(s) Upload, e-mail, post,                  transmit or otherwise make available any material that contains software viruses, worms, Trojan horses                  or any other computer code, routines, files or programs designed to interfere with, manipulate,                  interrupt, destroy or limit, directly or indirectly, the functionality or integrity of any computer                  software or hardware or data or telecommunications equipment.                   


(t) Disrupt the normal flow of                  dialogue, cause the screen to "scroll" faster than other users of the Service can type, or otherwise                  adversely affect the ability of other users to communicate in real time.                   


(u) Interfere with, manipulate or                  disrupt the Services or the servers or networks connected to the Services or any other user's use and                  enjoyment of the Services, or fail to comply with any requirements, procedures, policies or                  regulations of the networks connected to the Site.                   


(v) Take any action or engage in                  any conduct that may directly or indirectly damage, disable, overburden or impair the Services or the                  servers or networks connected to the Services.                  


(w) Use the Services to                  intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local, state, national or international law,                  rule, code, directive, guideline, policy or regulation, including, without limitation, laws and                  requirements (whether or not having the force of law) ) relating to anti-money laundering or                  counter-terrorism.                   


(x) Use the Services to violate                  or circumvent any sanctions or embargoes imposed or enforced by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's                  Office of Foreign Assets Control, the United Nations Security Council, the European Union or the                  United Kingdom Treasury.                   


(y) Use the Services to invade                  the privacy of others or to "stalk" or otherwise harass others.                   


(z) Violate tiktok' rights, including any                  intellectual property rights and any counterfeiting thereof.                  


(aa) use the Services to collect                  or store personal data about other users in connection with the prohibited conduct and activities                  described above; and/or                  


(bb) list items that infringe a                  third party's copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights or use the Services in a                  manner that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others.                  


(cc) direct or encourage other                  users to conduct transactions outside of the Site.                  


6.3 You understand that all                  content, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, is the sole responsibility of the person                  from whom such content originated. This means that you (and not tiktok) are solely responsible for all                  Content that you upload, post, email, transmit, or otherwise make available through the Site. You                  understand that by using the Site, you may be exposed to content that you find offensive, indecent or                  objectionable. to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event will tiktok be liable for any content,                  including, without limitation, any errors or omissions in any content, or for any loss or damage of                  any kind incurred as a result of the use of or reliance on any content posted on, sent by e-mail,                  transmitted or otherwise made available on the site.                  


6.4 You acknowledge that                Zulily                  shop and its                  designees have the right (but not the obligation) in their sole discretion to pre-screen, refuse,                  delete, stop, suspend, remove or move any Content, including, without limitation, any Content or                  information posted by you, available on the Site without any liability to you. Without limiting the                  foregoing, Zulily                  shop and its                  designees shall have the right to remove (i) any Content that violates these Terms of Service or our                  Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy; (ii) if we receive a complaint from another user; (iii) if we                  receive a notice or allegation of intellectual property infringement or other legal direction or                  request for removal; or (iv) if such Content is otherwise objectionable. We may also block the                  transmission of communications (including, without limitation, status updates, postings, messages                  and/or chats) as part of our efforts to protect the Services or our users, or otherwise enforce the                  provisions of these Terms and Conditions. You agree that you must evaluate and bear all risks                  associated with the use of any Content, including, without limitation, any reliance on the accuracy,                  completeness or usefulness of such Content. In this regard, you acknowledge that you have not, and to                  the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, may not, rely on any Content created by or submitted                  to Zulily                  shop, including, but                  not limited to, the tiktok Forums and all other                  portions of the Information Site. and assume all risks associated with the use of any Content,                  including, without limitation, any reliance on the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of such                  Content. In this regard, you acknowledge that you have not, and to the fullest extent permitted by                  applicable law, may not, rely on any Content created by or submitted to tiktok, including, without limitation,                  the informational sites in the tiktok Forums and all other                  sections. and assume all risks associated with the use of any Content, including, without limitation,                  any reliance on the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of such Content. In this regard, you                  acknowledge that you have not, and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, may not, rely on                  any Content created by tiktok or submitted to                Zulily                  shop, including,                  without limitation, the information sites in the tiktok Forums and all other                  sections.                  


6.5 You acknowledge, agree and                  consent that Zulily                  shop may                  access, preserve and disclose your account information and content to any legal, regulatory or                  governmental authority, relevant rights owner or other third party (if required to do so by law                  pursuant to an order) lawful request of a court or any governmental or regulatory authority having                  jurisdiction over tiktok, or in good faith believing that                  such access protection or disclosure is reasonably necessary to (a) comply with legal process; (b)                  enforce these Terms of Service or our Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy; (c) respond to claims                  that any Content violates the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights; (d)                  respond to your requests for customer service; and (e) protect the rights, property or personal safety                  of Zulily                  shop, its users                  and/or the public.                  



7. Violation of Our Terms of                  Service                  


7.1 Violations of this policy may                  result in a range of actions, including, but not limited to, any or all of the following.                  


- deletion of                  listings                  


- Restrictions on account                  permissions                   


- Account suspension and                  subsequent termination                  


- criminal                  charges                   


- civil actions, including but                  not limited to claims for damages and/or interim or injunctive relief                  


7.2 If you believe that a user on                  our Site has violated these Terms of Service, please contact help@support.tiktok.com.my.                  



8. Reporting Intellectual                  Property Infringement                  


8.1 As noted above, tiktok does not permit the posting                  of goods that infringe the intellectual property rights of brands or other intellectual property                  owners ("IP Owners").                  


8.2 Unless otherwise expressly                  stated, Users are independent individuals or businesses who are not affiliated with tiktok in any way, and                Zulily                  shop is neither                  an agent nor a representative of Users and does not hold and/or own any of the merchandise listed on                  the Site. Location.                  


8.3 If you are an intellectual                  property owner or a duly authorized agent of an intellectual property owner ("IPR Agent") and you                  believe that your rights or the rights of a principal have been violated, please support your claim by                  submitting an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) form and providing us with the documentation                  requested below. Please allow time for us to process the information provided and tiktok will respond to your                  complaint as soon as possible.                  


8.4 Complaints filed under this                  Section 8 must be provided in a form prescribed by tiktok, which may be updated from time                  to time, and must include, at a minimum, the following: (a) a physical or electronic signature of the                  IPR owner or IPR agent (collectively, the "Informant"); (b) a description and proof of rights in the                  type and nature of the IPR allegedly infringed; and (c) a description of the nature of the alleged                  infringement and proof of rights; (d) a URL containing a list of the alleged infringement; (e)                  information sufficient to permit tiktok to contact the                  whistleblower, such as the whistleblower's physical address, telephone number, and email address; (f)                  a statement by the whistleblower that the complaint is made in good faith and that (g) a statement by                  the whistleblower that the information in the notice is accurate, that the whistleblower will                  indemnify us for any damages we may suffer as a result of the information provided by the                  whistleblower, and that the whistleblower has the proper rights or is authorized to act on behalf of                  the owner of the intellectual property in all matters relating to the complaint.                  


8.5 tiktok acknowledges that                  manufacturers have the right to enter into certain exclusive distribution agreements or minimum                  advertised price agreements for their products. However, a breach of such agreements does not                  constitute an infringement of intellectual property rights. Because the enforcement of such agreements                  is a matter between the manufacturer and the seller, tiktok does not assist in such                  enforcement activities and does not enforce exclusive distribution rights or price control matters,                  except in countries where there are laws specifically governing selectivity or exclusivity in                  distribution.                  


8.6 Each Seller agrees to hold                Zulily                  shop and its                  affiliates harmless from all claims, causes of action, damages and judgments arising out of or related                  to any claim of intellectual property infringement or any deletion of any content or product                  listing.                  



9. Purchase and                  Payment                  


9.1 tiktok supports one or more of the                  following payment methods in each country in which it operates.                  


(i) Credit Card                  


Card payments are processed                  through third party payment channels and the types of credit cards accepted by these payment channels                  may vary depending on the jurisdiction in which you are located.                   


(ii) Cash on Delivery                  (COD)                   


tiktok offers cash on delivery                  services in select countries. Buyers may pay cash directly to the delivery agent upon receipt of the                  purchased item.                  


(iii) Bank Transfer                  


Buyer may make payment to our                  designated Zulily                  shop Guaranteed                  Account (as defined in Section 12) via ATM or online bank transfer ("Bank Transfer"). Buyer must                  provide a transfer receipt or payment transaction reference to tiktok through the "Upload                  Receipt" feature in the tiktok application as confirmation                  of payment. If tiktok does not receive                  confirmation of payment within three (3) days, Buyer's order will be cancelled.                  


(iv) Installment Purchase                  Plan                  


For orders over RM 500, Buyer may                  pay in installments. Installment payments are processed through a third party channel. The banks that                  currently support the installment plan are Maybank and Public Bank.                   


(v) Deferred payment using                  SPayLater service (if applicable)                  


Buyer can make deferred payment                  for eligible orders using the SPayLater service provided by SeaMoney Capital Malaysia Sdn. Bhd                  ("SeaMoney"). In order to provide the SPayLater service, SeaMoney will enter into a receivables                  purchase arrangement with an Eligible Seller for the Seller to sell the Buyer's receivables to                  SeaMoney in exchange for payment from SeaMoney.                  


9.2 Buyer may only change its                  preferred payment method for purchases prior to payment.                  


9.3 tiktok is not responsible for any                  loss or damage to Buyer resulting from shipping information and/or payment information entered by                  Buyer or incorrect remittance of funds by Buyer in payment for a purchased item. We reserve the right                  to check whether Buyer is duly authorized to use certain payment methods and may suspend the                  transaction until such authorization is confirmed, or cancel the relevant transaction if such                  confirmation cannot be obtained.                  



10. Seller's Wallet                  


10.1 Your Account allows for the                  storage of money received by you from the proceeds of sales on the Platform ("Seller's Wallet"). The                  total of this amount minus any withdrawals will be reflected as your Seller Wallet                  balance.                   


10.2 Payments for items you sell                  on Zulily                  shop shall be                  credited to your Seller's Wallet within three (3) days of delivery of the item to the Buyer or                  immediately after the Buyer confirms that they have received the item.                  


10.3 Once submitted, you may not                  modify or cancel a withdrawal request at will.                  


10.4 If an error occurs in the                  processing of any transaction, you authorize us to initiate a debit or credit entry to your designated                  bank account to correct the error, provided that any such correction complies with applicable laws and                  regulations. If we are unable to debit your designated bank account for any reason, you authorize us                  to resubmit the debit and any applicable fees to any other bank account or payment instrument you have                  on file with us or to deduct the debit and applicable fees from your Seller's Wallet in the future. If                  we are unable to credit your alternative account for any reason, we reserve the right to process or                  dispose of such funds in accordance with applicable law, including submitting such funds to the                  Unclaimed Funds Registry (Jabatan Akautan Negara Malaysia) as required by the U.S. Unclaimed Funds Act                  (the "Registry "). In such case, you may recover your unclaimed funds directly from the Registrar,                  less any fees or charges that may have been imposed, without further recourse to us.                  


10.5 You authorize us to initiate                  a debit or credit entry to your Seller's Wallet to.                  


(i) to correct any errors in the                  processing of any transaction.                  


(ii) When tiktok determines that you have                  engaged in fraudulent or suspicious activity and/or transactions.                  


(iii) in connection with any                  lost, damaged or incorrect items.                  


(iv) in connection with any                  reward or rebate.                  


(v) in connection with any                  uncollected fees.                  


(vi) in connection with the                  resolution of any transaction dispute, including any compensation due to or from                  you.                   


(vii) in connection with any                  prohibited items or items detained by customs.                   


(viii) in connection with any                  change of mind agreed to by the buyer and seller.                   


(ix) to recover any outstanding                  amounts you owe us (including late fees and/or interest); and                  


(x) to purchase Ad Credits where                  you have activated the Ad Credit top-up feature and your Ad Credits are below your Ad Credit minimum                  amount.                  


10.8 We reserve the right to                  limit, freeze or suspend your Seller Wallet for any reason, including your failure to repay                  outstanding amounts owed to us by the due date.